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Post-pregnancy program

Restarting sports after giving birth is possible! 

After having a baby you often want to resume physical activities as soon as possible, however, it is important to not rush into it and to take the right precautions.


In the postpartum period, it is essential to gently go step by step to avoid any risks for the body.  With this personalized program, I will answer your questions and any doubts and together we create your fitness journey post-pregnancy!  

The objectives of the post-pregnancy program?

Regaining awareness of your perineum

Mobility and strengthening of the back and abdominal muscles

Stress management breathing work

Taking care of yourself and finding your energy and inner self

Who is the program for?

To all women who have given birth and who wish to resume or simply start physical activity with confidence!

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When can I start the program?

Possibility n°1 

A few weeks after your delivery, even before you have started your perineal rehabilitation. If your delivery went smoothly without any medical complications, you want to slowly regain movement and want to recover your overall physical shape, go for it! However, all while using methods adapted to your health.

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Possibility n°2

You can also participate in the program after you have started your perineal rehabilitation. However, to resume sport more intensely (and if you had a delivery without medical complications), we recommend resuming about 6 to 8 weeks after. That being said you must have the green light from your midwife/gynaecologist, that you have completed your perineal rehabilitation and your abdominal rehabilitation with your physiotherapist.

During our first meeting:

We will discuss your pregnancy, you will answer a questionnaire, and we will set your objectives together to meet your expectations. 

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