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Your Coach 

Renforcement musculaire

Your Coach

I am Océanne Héliard, with a passion for sports since my youngest age : 

Skiing, climbing, French boxing, gymnastics, dance, slackline, hiking, trail and athletics. I strive to surpass myself again and again and to continuously learn.

Sports have allowed me to feel better about my body and in order to transmit this passion, I have become a sports educator. 

Dynamic, patient and attentive, my versatility and my multidisciplinary knowledge are real advantages that I wish to share with you in order for us to achieve your objectives together. 


My trainings 

  After acquiring my BPJEPS Mention Physical activity for all and in collaboration with a midwife we have developed post-pregnancy programs that can meet your expectations to allow you to feel good in your body with confidence. 

I continued to train myself and obtained a diploma of director of holiday stays and Leisure reception.

Gym douce


Training is a source of humility because it challenges our knowledge and our achievements. We never finished learning ! 

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