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Little Mountaineers of Mont-Blanc Camp

You don't know how to entertain your children during the school holidays ? Sign them up for the little mountaineer camp ! 

Your children will be supervised by certified sports coaches and educators

The little mountaineers camp is made to discover sports activities in the great outdoors for children aged 6 to 11 who like to move and enjoy nature during the summer !  

The objectives of this week of camp is : 

Stage enfant


Stages enfants

FROM JULY 10 TO August 18, 2023


To Be physically active and enjoy nature 

All our activities are outdoors, we want to transmit the passion  of the outdoors to children.

To Discover new activities in a joyful atmosphere

Every day is a new experience for children, the goal is to leave them with a smile and  an unforgettable experience. 

To Develop team spirit 

By offering activities that bring children together, our coaches encourage them to play in groups, interact and listen to each other.

OUR Services

Rope park, Rock climbing, slacklining, hiking while searching for animals trails, orienteering race, hut building, athletics, team sports, survivor, olympic games, water games, junior yoga and many others activities !

Attention: Some activities are dependent on the weather and the sanitary conditions. We reserve the right to modify the planning accordingly. We thank you for your understanding. Between the main activities, we will do sports and games. If we don’t have a minimum of 6 children the planning will be modified accordingly.

2 types of options: 

Stages enfants

​Per DAY

Register your child for 1 day or more

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

from 85€/day

Stage enfant


Monday to Friday 

5 days

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

300€ for 5 days

250€* for 5 days for the second child and 100€* for the third one child


*discount is applicable for each child of the same family

You will receive a complimentary recap video at the end of the week ! 

MatEriel for the little mountaineers

Essential: Sneakers for running and walking in the mountains. A comfortable outfit;  shorts, t-shirt, cap, k-way, trousers, underwear and spare clothes.

Water activities: towel, swimsuit.

A practical backpack for walking with inside: sunscreen, sunglasses , cap, water bottle, picnic and snack.

For children with allergies or asthma: take their personal kit with medication, injections and Ventolin inside.

contact us

  Tel: 0781480472

Thank you for your message, we will answer you as soon as possible. see you soon!

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